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Our world revolves around technology. Sometimes, it seems that it makes our world go around. Mediaology believes in simplification and optimization. We help you stay connected. Whether you need low voltage wiring or wish to optimize existing components, keep technology working for you.



Mediaology thrives on the meticulous work of low voltage wiring. We understand it. And we’re good at it. We wire for today as well as for the future, so you are never left behind.


How do you make your home function as a cohesive unit? Do you want connectivity in every room? Voice, audio, data and video. We make a room come to life.


We provide custom and affordable solutions that keep you connected. Our structured wiring keeps dedicated lines operating efficiently so you enjoy maximum signal strength. A master control panel provides one, organized control point for all your connectivity.





Digital technology is great, but photos and videos consume computers! Mediaology configures external servers that enable easy access to photos and videos. It also keeps family and friends connected via password-protected online access.


Gaming isn’t just for kids anymore. It’s entertainment for the whole family. Mediaology gets you hooked-up for fun. We create a local access network so multiple players at one location can enjoy real-time games. Or join up with people across the world to play interactive games and talk as you play.


From Playstation 3 to Xbox and Wii. You’ll be amazed at what gaming systems can do today.


Mediaology keeps you connected and hooked-up for games. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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