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Mediaology transforms your home to into a personal entertainment destination. It’s where entertainment meets your lifestyle – because home theater systems should be designed with your personal preferences in mind.


From complex, high-end systems to economy set-ups and anywhere in between, we can create a home theater experience that ignites your senses without exceeding your budget.


Movies. Sports. Music. Everything entertainment.




Do you want enveloping audio that puts you in the middle of the action? Do you prefer captivating visuals that make movies come to life? Which TV is right for you? What speakers will fill your room? With so many choices, home theaters can quickly become overwhelming. Don’t worry.


Mediaology walks you step-by-step through each decision so you are confident with your selections. Even after installation, we make sure that all components work as an integrated system. Watching TV or listening to music should not be a daunting task—we keep it simple for you.


Pretty soon, you’ll opt for a “night in” versus a “night out.”


Mediaology is about customization and value. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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